Consultancy (Security Consulting Services)

SAGAS team of security consultants designs and provides comprehensive security solutions, catering to individual/specific needs as required by our clients.  We help our clients understand how to mitigate the real-time security threats and risks to their people and business with design, delivery and operational solutions.  Providing advice on identifying security threats and risks based on observation assessment and site survey by first determining the object/environment/situation that needs to be protected;  from potential threats, risks and vulnerabilities, the planning of personnel, equipment and operations (both physical and electronic).

SAGAS provides users/clients our professional advice, considerations and opinion and helping clients design and customize ways and procedures to fulfilling their security needs/requirements.  From planning and managing personnel, how to handle operations as well as handling security issues at the location specified by the service user/client. Starting from initial surveying, designing, actuating, monitoring, improvement and development of the system security by assigning mentoring to communicate with the Client.

By defining the security requirements at an early stage, the solutions are not only more innovative and cost-effective, but can also influence the design process to create a safer and more secure environment.