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SAGAS HR-PRO (Provider)

SAGAS HR-PRO can help support your company in fulfilling your general staffing requirements.  As a matter of fact, the decision for us diversifying into other staffing solutions other than security manpower was initiated by ‘your request’.

Many long standing customers of ours’ have been asking us the same question over again, “Does SAGAS provide IT Staff? … Front Desk? … Cleaners? … Office Boy?  Well you get the idea.  Due to popular demand, now you have it!  Let SAGAS HR-PRO handle the hassle of having to ‘Search’, ‘Screen’, and ‘Recruiting’ The Right Person For The Right Job for you instead.

As the saying goes “Do what You do Best and Outsource the Rest”, SAGAS HR-PRO might just have the right candidate that you are looking for.  Speak to us now to find out more, our friendly manpower consultancy team of experience staff is always available for consultation and to assist Clients whenever and wherever possible.