SAGAS provides other services to deal with the problems and needs of securing temporary or related to business continuity (business continuity management), these additional services are provided separately and on special requests Service users. The services include:

1. Event Security Management
2. VIP Escort
3. K9 Team

Team K9 Unit consists of animal with the handler. All dogs are trained in detecting/patrol/tracking and executive protection. Consisting of a dog tasked to guard the other supports to patrol the team K9 Unit provides the best service for the client in the form of tracking the lost goods/suspects (people), help catch the suspect and find evidence.

They allow patrol officers to work more safely and more efficient way and perform a building search function with the K9 team will allow for the searches to be done in much less time, improving Efficiency (freeing animal handler for other calls/duties) and risk reduction to existing security personnel.

The team K9 Unit is committed to providing clients with the best dogs as well as the most popular charmer including: German Shepherds, Labrador retriever, Golden retriever and German Rottweiler. All of our training units in the K9 team are based on real situations. Animal training facilities in a professional training site with an environment that supports existing facilities and infrastructure. We have a professional and reliable animal trainer resources in carrying out animal training guidelines.