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Maintaining long term partnership with our Clients by building trusts has always been our utmost priority.  Over the span of our business, its been both our honor and privilege to be able to serve and partner with a magnitude of Clients, ranging from various industry, consisting of local, national, overseas and even some multi-national companies.

Inaugurated April 13th of 2007, PT. SAGAS Putera Bangsa (SAGAS) is a limited liability company in Indonesia.  Managed by experienced professionals and experts in the guard supply & security service industry,  SAGAS has been actively engaging in the provision and management of security guards (teams / units) since.

Supplying and managing security guards (teams) being our core business.  We don’t just provide readily trained manpower BUT also security strategies and solutions for our Clients, saving them the time and hassle of having to ‘search’, ‘screen’, ‘recruit’, ‘train’ and ‘deploy’ personnel (or teams) from scratch.  Things gets even more complicated when ‘the whole security process’ is involved, especially here in Indonesia, where strict labor laws apply.

We further expanded our scope of business providing general staffing solutions to our Clients with the introduction of SAGAS HR-PRO in early of 2019.

We are strong advocates in the phrase “quality over quantity”, targeting a market of security users in Indonesia, who appreciates professional and quality security services.  We would rather not take up new project(s), UNLESS we are absolutely and positively sure that the current project on hand is fully stable and running smoothly.  In other words, ‘we never chew off more than we can bite’, therefore giving you our undivided attention and customer services you deserve!

Passion in everything we do and what we have to offer.  We take pride in following best practices in our line of business (rules and regulations such as prompt payment of wages, BPJS, applicable taxes et cetera).

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'Putting Ourselves in Client's Shoes'

We do not believe in just providing manpower.  We genuinely take a keen interest in understanding our Clients’ specific requirements from their perspective, in terms of the operational and administrative role the ‘candidate’ has to perform, from a professional and functional stand point.

In the early 2019, as business progresses, SAGAS further expanded its scope of business with the introduction of SAGAS HR-PRO and SAGAS E-SECURITY.  Besides our core business of supplying guards (SAGAS SECURITY), we are now able to provide our Client’s with additional manpower solutions for their general staffing needs; also a more integrated security solution when it comes to Clients’ security requirements respectively.

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