Security Education & Training

SAGAS deploys / assigns security guards that has been through at least our education and security knowledge program / course (at the SAGAS education center).  Our team of trainers are from POLICE, MILITARY and Civilian professional background, with vast experienced in developing and educating Security subject matters and cultivating security personnel that understand the role and responsibilities in accordance to police law (regulations).

In accordance with the rules set referring to Perkap 24 of 2007, security officers are required to have basic security training education in the initial 232 hours called DIKLAT GADA PRATAMA. SAGAS believes that training is the most important aspect in the security industry. By continuously giving our personnel with appropriate training, our guards can improve their ability to better carry out their duties and responsibilities in the field.

Other than basic training, SAGAS is also committed to conduct routine refreshment courses and checks by qualified instructors, making sure that our guards / personnel are always on the ball and also updated with any new security rules and regulation.  In doing so, we aimed to provide a supply of continuous / sustainable and well trained guards / personnel in our team, so that they can carry out basic tasks and functions well, according to the standard and not violating the rules.  Constant coaching their mentality and physic is our main focus to enhancing and equipping our teams abilities and for our guards to give their best performance in their allocated work environment.

SAGAS holds Commando Monthly Meeting to improve the performance of the personnel also meeting performed together with the management to create two-way communication between the Management and the security team. We are confident and obligated to protecting and maintaining assets / facilities of the client as well as to minimize vulnerability to crime from both internal and external environment by ensuring constant training is given to all our Personnel.