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Information and knowledge are the keys to avoiding risk in all areas of the business, and helps when making informed decisions

'Close and Open' Investigation Process

“Our investigation will be carried out by competent officers with vast experience in the related fields…”

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SAGAS Investigation Services

Sound Recommendations On What Action to Consider and How to Avoid Similar Situations in Future.

As an integrated security service provider, and with the consent of the Client, SAGAS Security can perform a series of thorough investigation services for customers with security related issues that may or might have already occurred within the Client's premise.

We equip Clients with the facts they need to make a decision to pursue further action if needed.

SAGAS investigation services is a process consisting of ‘Research’, ‘Investigation’, ‘Deprecation’, ‘Search’, ‘Inspection’, ‘Data Collection of Information’, and ‘Other Findings’.  This effort or process will help determine or prove ‘the truth’, and/or ‘error(s)’ of a fact/situation, and finally presenting a conclusion to the Client base on a series of findings and sequences of a case.

Our Promise:

To Always Maintain Our Integrity In All That We Do For You !

With decades of experience providing discreet and confidential services.  Methods or techniques involved will only be carried out AFTER discussion with the Client and having approval beforehand.