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VIP Protection, Event Security Management and K-9 Unit

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“Our range of flexible security services can help customers meet their short-term or temporary requirements.”

HQ Controller, SAGAS

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Other Security Services Available

SAGAS Also Provides A Range of Flexible Security Services.

Additional security services that we provide can help deal with situation in which temporary security assistance is required (flexible security services). These services are provided separately and as per when our Clients request.

1. Event Security Management
2. VIP Close Protection
3. K-9 Unit

K-9 Unit allows its handler and any guard patrolling team to work more safely and in a more efficient manner.

SAGAS K-9 Unit comes with a dog and its handler.  All dogs are trained in detecting / patrolling / tracking and executive protection.  Especially when an operation involves the need to perform a building search function, K-9 Unit will allow for a more effective search and be done in a much lesser duration. 

K-9 Unit Fact:

A Single K-9 Team is more Effective than 3 Security Officers !

Provides the best security solution (option) when it comes to security situations that requires tracking of lost goods, identifying suspects;  by using their sensitive sense of smell to detect / find evidences.