Security Guard Courses & Refreshment Training

We take our training seriously and provide security guards ‘as they should be’

Strict Discipline Training Regimen

“it is necessary … helps us stay fit and ready to carry out our duties and tasks out in the field.”

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SAGAS Security Training Center (SSTC)

SSTC Offers Security Guards Training Programs - Compulsory for All Security Guards in Indonesia.

Available also to the public, our team of trainers consist of officers who are still active in the local police force, military units and also industry experts from the civilian world, with safety and security backgrounds. Instructors are all certified and possesses vast experiences in developing / educating security subject matters and cultivating security personnel whom not only understands the roles & responsibilities, but also importantly, the rules and regulations as governed by the Local (National) Police Force.

By continuously giving our guards the appropriate training, they can improve their ability and better equipped themselves to performing their task.

According to the industry rules and regulation set ‘Perkap 24 of 2007’, all security personnel are required to go through a basic security training course, better known as ‘Diklat Gada Pratama’ for a period of no less than 232 hours.  SAGAS Security Will Not Deploy personnel for security duties, except those who have already officially and successfully completed this course as a bare minimum requirement.

Our Belief:

Training Is The Most Important Aspect in the Security Guarding Industry !

In addition to the compulsory basic security guards training course, SAGAS Security has always been committed in conducting routine refreshment training programs and checks by qualified instructors (onsite).  At the same time making sure all our guards are kept up to date with the latest developments (rules and regulations) in the security industry.