Manned Guarding

We worry about and deal with the complexity of handling security task and managing security personnel … so you don’t have to

Security Management Support

“This support is to help liberate end users from the complexity of having to manage security guards (teams).”

Tulus Hutabarat
Director, SAGAS

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Manned Guarding Security Service

Security Management Support Always Readily Available.

Safeguarding Client's assets and fostering long-term cooperative relationships by building trust with our partners (clients), SAGAS security is always there to provide professional security management support for our Clients.  The overall design refers to the form of 'Physical Protection', consisting of securing assets, Clients, employees & guest; commercial activities (both production and administration) owned by the Client.

Security personnel will execute full angle security protection with the most stringent of training.

SAGAS manned guarding security primary objective is to carry out security related task (objectives) accordingly with the requirements and expectations of our Clients.  We do not just provide security personnel with the right physic for the task, but it is also vital for the individual to posses the ‘right kind of attitude’ as well. We refer to them as our “Smart Personnel” – mentally wise with good insights, together with good intel, working attitude, personality, social interaction skills and leadership oriented.


Proactive Security Solutions that You Can Trust !

SAGAS security personnel (SMART) are trained to anticipate issues and responds with local and on site management in accordance with standard operating procedures prepared.