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Integrating Security Systems - The Process

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SAGAS E-Security (Electronic)

In-addition to our core service in providing manned guarding physical protection service, SAGAS can help Clients further integrate their security requirements by providing technologically advance security solutions.  

Clients Can Choose from a Range of Security Devices that can be Integrated or Upgraded to Your Current Security Systems.

SAGAS E-Security provides electronic security devices, ranging from access control, to security check point system, or the more popular surveillance system (CCTV), depending on your security requirement(s).

After having survey the premise, our experience team of security consultants will then advise Clients on a need to basis as in whether it is necessary OR not necessary to engage electronic security devices for that particular site / area.  If it is recommended so, then which area is best suited to engage and using what sort of security devices.

“Our security consultants are not salesman”, thus will not be pushing or hard selling any kind of products to you.  We will simply just offer Clients with our professional advise (opinions) and the final decision still rest with you.  Once ready to proceed, SAGAS E-Security is able to provide ‘everything’ from the start to the very end of your product life cycle, making the process as ‘user-friendly’ as possible for our Clients.

Our Approach:

SAGAS E-Security . . . Integrating Security Systems !

Integrated approach to deliver technologically advanced security solutions WHILE helping Clients reduce costs, minimize risk, and optimize protection where required.