Security Services

SAGAS Provision of Security Services is to carry out security related to security and order in accordance with the needs desired by service users / clients by creating security personnel who have good attitude, physically healthy and mentally as well as good insight (Smart Personnel) oriented to the improvement of intelligence, work attitude, personality, social interaction and leadership.

We protect client assets and foster long-term coopetarive relationships that built with trust as partners. We are here to provide professional security management support, the overall design refers to the form of physical security consists of securing assets, people (employees & guests) and commercial activities (both production and administration) owned by the client. This support is expected to liberate the service user management from the complexity of management of security start from the Recruitment, Training, Employment Association, Payroll, Control, Mentoring, workers problem solving and Security Issues Settlement including Community Development & Relations, Preventing Crime and Presenting Security Procedures (SOPs).


  •  A standardized recruitment process with selective screening in order to get HR ready to be educated.
  • Standardized training in accordance with the provisions PERKAP 24 of 2007-the Police.
  • Sustainable mentoring patterned in order to improve the professionalism and competency of the security.
  • Fostering good relations with elements of the MILITARY and POLICE.
  • Program improvements from the findings of the internal SAGAS and our clients.
  • Implementation of Reward and Punishment in fostering consistency of personnel.


  • A strong commitment in providing security services and client comfort .
  • Operational Control 24/7 .
  • Reporting, correcting and preventive action non-conformity.
  • Data collection and analysis.
  • Consultation, Communication and Participation.
  • Control of documents and records.
  • Emergency handling.