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SAGAS Security Service

SAGAS Security philosophy is as such of the characteristics of a ‘Bercula Rhino’.  One of the prerequisite in our checklist is to provide clients with well trained, ‘tough’ (like a rhino) security guards as to ensure smooth running of the security operations (tasks) out in the field.

“We provide security guards as they should be.”

Director, SAGAS

One of the many reasons we like to think why most of our Clients choose to stay with us for years is probably due to our staunch believe in the phrase “Quality Over Quantity“.  In other words, our focus is not directed to get as many customer as possible in the shortest amount of time. INSTEAD we prioritized and place all our attention into performing the security task and securing the areas that our Clients entrust us with.

Planning before acting, carrying out and performing security task accordingly as planned right after the surveying and mapping stages, in a controlled and organized approach / environment.  Proceeding every single step (process) with extreme caution as to make sure the security tasks are accomplished, and Client’s security objectives and expectations are met.

Security Manned Guarding Service

Physical manned guarding security services. The overall design refers to the form of physical protection consisting of securing assets.

Investigation Service

A series of thorough security-related investigation services where we help perform upon Clients request and approval.

Security Guard Courses & Training Program

Security training courses and programs from basic to advance levels, offered and held at SAGAS Security Training Center (SSTC).

Security Consultancy Service

Customized security strategy and designs to helping individual OR businesses mitigate real-time risk.

Other Security Service (Events, VIP, K-9 Unit)

Additional range of flexible security services to help Clients deal with situation in which temporary security assistance is required.