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"We wish to express our gratitude for the work performed by the entire SAGAS team at our plantation at Sampit, Kalimantan.  SAGAS specializes in integrated security management solutions and have been guarding our assets round the clock since 2015. Definitely recommend them to any businesses that need manned guarding as part of their security protocol. The guards are well trained, displaying the necessary discipline, teamwork and leadership skills for the job.  We are very satisfied with their performances.  Keep up the good work!"
M. Ihsan Rustam
(Agro Harapan Lestari)
"A reputable and trustworthy security service partner that we rely upon in getting the job done. SAGAS security guards are discipline and well trained to handle what was required of them. Very much appreciated for the services rendered and for the professionalism displayed."
Dwi Wina
(HR/IR, KLK, Kalteng)
"Many thanks SAGAS.  We very much look forward to working with you again. And many thanks for your teams professional approach!"
Anthony Hayward
(Protector Services Group, UK)
"With SAGAS 24/7 guards patrolling on our jobsite, we didn't have to worry much about issues concerning security. The team remarkably showed their professionalism and expertise that we seek from day 1 with their precise planning and swift execution. With this peace of mind, our guys were able to devote 100% of out time and effort on the project. fully concentrating in the areas where an oil and gas company should really be focusing ... drilling, exploration and production."
(Phoenix Energy)
"Ever since we outsourced and engaged SAGAS Security Guards and Services, I have lesser manpower issues such as absentees, disciplinary, workers compensation and so on. Their charges are just slightly above as compared to hiring on our own previously, but I get 'less headache'. Still regretting ... I should have engaged them earlier!"
Yen Sze Hwa
(Tatindo HeavyEquipment)
"We are a service company located at MM2100 Industrial Town, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi.  Team SAGAS has been with us and safeguarding our premise since 2010. With their professional approach, they showed reliability, well organization, discipline, and great security arrangement skills which I expect a full time guard provider should possess and nothing less. HUGE DIFFERENCE (outsource vs in-house).  Excellent ... Highly recommended!"
(Mitsuba Indonesia Pipes Part)