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Do What You Do Best & Outsource the Rest!  More and more companies are discovering the benefits of outsourcing.  Find out who we are and what can we do to help in fulfilling your HR needs / requirements.

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SAGAS Security Services

Targeting a market of security users who appreciates professional and quality services in Indonesia. 

Our security team focuses and prioritizes on ways to maintaining and securing the task entrust to us. 

SAGAS Security Training Programs

Held at SAGAS Security Training Center, our team of trainers consist of officers active in the police force, military units and also civilian experts . . .

SAGAS HR-PRO (Provider)

Due to popular demand and with the introduction of SAGAS HR-Pro, we are now able to provide HR solutions for your other general staffing needs . . .

SAGAS E-Security (Electronic)

From access control to security check point systems, or the more popular CCTV surveillance system, our E-Security can help provide ‘everything’ from . . .

"Our focus on discipline and training have resulted in strong performances and market recognition"

SAGAS Manned Guarding Services

16 Years and Counting

Customer Service Oriented

95% Referral Rate

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" Many thanks SAGAS. We very much look forward to working with you again.

And many thanks for your teams professional approach. (3 Days SAGAS VIP Protection) "
Anthony Hayward
Protector Services Group, UK

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